Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dear Eric...

I recently mailed Eric Clapton a letter to see if he'll buy some raffle tickets. Here's is the text:

Dear Mr. Eric Clapton,

I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book “Clapton The Autobiography.” I am a big fan of British rock, alternative and blues music. I’ve always felt I was born too late (1966) and didn’t get to see my favorites in their prime, although there’s a good argument to be made that you’re most recent years are your prime in terms of enjoying life.

I was very interested to read that you’d purchased a 150 foot yacht a few years back. The second reason for this letter was to say that our dream is to purchase a 30 foot cruiser. Since we don’t want to borrow money to do this, we are telling the story of our quest through our blog ( and selling raffle tickets. The raffle will be for $500, which we will hold when we’ve raised enough money to buy the boat.

Now, I’m sure you get a lot of crackpot letters asking for money, or sex (as mentioned in your book) or even both. How often has someone ever written you a letter asking to sell you 3 raffle tickets for $1? That’s Canadian dollars, by the way. Although we’ll also take pounds or euros, but at par. I know that means the exchange rate will be in our favour, but come on! You’re a rich rock star and we’re just a guy and a girl working full time and trying to live our dream.

Anyway, if you’d like to buy some tickets, here is the address to send your money:

Float Jeremy & Nala's Boat!
#2444 Unit 304-7592 Vedder Road
Sardis, BC
V2R 1B0

Visit our blog at the above address too, because writing to famous people is one of my crazy ideas to get this boat, and I always talk about my crazy ideas.

Oh, and if you have friends who might want a chance to win $500, feel free to share this letter with them. Although I’ll understand if you want to keep the opportunity to yourself!

Sincerely and with the highest regard,


It's alway important to add a p.s. because it's one of the most-read parts of a sales letter. Here's my handwritten p.s.

If you're a little short, maybe you could write us back? I couldn't part with your letter on ebay, but it would drive some traffic to our blog. Many thanks!

Do you think he'll respond?
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