Saturday, December 13, 2008

How close to the $100,000 are we?

Well, in late August I would have been able to tell you that we only had $97,177 to go. Pretty awesome, right? That's a combination of raffle ticket sales (thanks to our largest buyer, Pops!) and the adjustments we'd made in our lifestyle habits.

And then work slowed down for Jer-Bear. And then the economy fell apart and all Jer-Bear's work went away. Now even my day job is being cut back 20% as of January, with who knows what on the horizon.

So now we are back to the starting point. Which is okay, because in these times–especially when you factor in that Olympic Boat Centers have closed–I'm sure the price of a Bayliner 300 is less than $100,000.

Right Bayliner? Bayliner? Hello?

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Anonymous said...

are you kidding me ? Go earn money and buy a boat like every other person. I cant believe that bayliner actually printed your story.... I bet you idiots think obama going to help you...

This country is screwed

Nala said...

Thanks for your comment, Anonymous! If you had actually COMPREHENDED the blog post you just commented on, you'd know that we WERE saving money by "adjustments we'd made in our lifestyle habits." You'd also have learned that our EARNING capacity has been diminished. Most of any raffle sales we've had have been to family members.

I'm sure Bayliner wrote an article about us because we are Bayliner FANATICS and we are doing something unusual to realize our boating dreams.

Yes, sometimes we are idiots. Guilty! :)

If we had the power to screw over the country with our blog—holy crap! We'd have the power to buy a million Bayliners.

Anonymous said...

Well, your not actually an idiot, you are a marginally functional moron. I am willing to bet you are 3 bills and some kind of goverment employeee, while your guy is probally on long term disability from injuring his back at work.
Coming from a socialist country what should I expect ? Someone actually working hard for something ?

The country is screwed ?

The world is screwed.

Anonymous said...

ps....Be responsible and stop relying on other people and welfare to solve your problems.

Pay off your debt first and then buy an aluminum starter boat...

everyone has to start someplace

Nala said...

Haha, you need to revisit the dictionary's definition of "socialism."

Thanks for your interestingly ignorant comments! And for increasing our blog traffic—people love to follow a good fight.

Let me beat you to it—the universe is screwed!

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