Monday, August 25, 2008

Mom Had a Part In It Too: Jer-Bear Guest Post

"When I was 12, Pa brought home an 8ft skiff he found floating in the waters in Alaska. My brother, Pa, and I had a few trout trips in that boat. I don't remember catching much but we had a good time. Then somewhere a 4hp Johnson motor turned up. Woo Hoo!!! Pa bolted it on the boat and turned us loose in the Puget sound!! Then he was off for another trip to Alaska.

Now Mom was in charge of hauling us and the boat to the water. I will tell you right now that we had the cleanest house and yard in Suquamish! HA HA HA HA!! If the chores weren't done, the little boat was stuck in drydock! Miller Bay was our fishin' hole but there weren't many fish in it. But it was all about being out on the water!

Thanks Mom for haulin' us around! Sometimes twice a day!"

by Jer-Bear

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