Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our $500 Raffle

Okay, you're probably reading this and thinking WTF, they're giving away $500? We TOTALLY are! All you have to do is buy a ticket for 50¢. And wait a little bit. Read on...

If you've read some of the other stories on this blog, you'll see that we're thinking of ways to make extra money for a boat. Now I don't know how long this will take, but with your help, it will go even faster.

Here's how the raffle will work:

Start off by putting your name and contact information on a piece of paper. If you like, add in your idea for a good boat name. We're always looking for ideas!

2) Tape two quarters to that piece of paper–in a decorative fashion, if you like–and put it in an envelope. You can be a rebel and tape five dimes, or any combination of coins. Sending quarters is not a requirement.

3) Put this address on the envelope:

Float Jeremy & Nala's Boat!
#2444 Unit 304-7592 Vedder Road
Sardis, BC
V2R 1B0

4) Put a stamp on the envelope. This is very important! Yes I know it means the cost of your raffle ticket is higher. Maybe higher than usual, because if you're not in Canada you need to make sure it has enough postage to GET to Canada. It's a small investment compared to $500. Get over it!

5) Deposit the envelope into a mail box. Or sneak it into the outgoing mail at your office. Whatever it takes, get it in the mail

Here's what will happen when we receive your envelope:

1) First, we will have an emotional welcoming party when we remove your envelope from the P.O. box. There may or may not be confetti and ticker tape.

2) Second, we will open your envelope with great care. We will reverently write your name on a raffle ticket. All tickets will go into a special container. We will video some of this process and post it so you can see it's ALL ABOVE BOARD!

3) We will deposit all the quarters or other coins in our Float our Boat bank account (which right now is a shoe box.)

4) Once we've achieved the goal of buying our boat, we'll dramatically draw one of the raffle tickets. There will be great fanfare and possibly singing. THAT is how special this draw will be!

5) We will record the exciting Ed McMahon-styles phone call to the lucky winner. IT MIGHT BE YOU!

Just so you know, we have no idea of the real rules and regulations, or if we're even ALLOWED to run a raffle like this. Isn't being bad fun?! The rules seem pretty fair, don't they? Comment if you have any better ideas.

Send a link to this blog to everyone you know! Buy as many tickets as you like. In fact, the more you buy, maybe the sooner the draw. As in... maybe even in this decade!



Nala said...

we got the raffle tickets today!

Tom said...

This is a cool idea.

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