Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Astoria Road Trip: Part 3

Our trip even brought us within spitting distance of an Olympic Boat Center. Okay, I guess you'd have to be a world champion spitter... however, I did get this amazing shot off at 70 miles an hour.

Imagine how fast WE will look when we are in our Bayliner 300 and others are trying to take OUR picture!

Astoria has some famous stuff going on. Like, it was the setting for The Goonies. And... well, I guess that's all I know about. However, James Dean was at the house when we got there. Pretty hot, eh? Of course we took him home with us.

And there were some very scary things in Grandpa's house, like this torture instrument from long ago. If you don't think school was torture in the olden days (I've heard the "Torture Story" from both my dad and my former dad-in-law, neither of whom are liars or exagerators) so it must be true. Plus, just look at this desk, right?

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