Saturday, September 13, 2008

Astoria Road Trip: Part 6

These kinds of things are never actually fun. All your life, you grow up with these things surrounding you, and then at some point you have to come back and weed out which memories you'll keep and which ones have to go. And because it is so different and so personal for everyone, you have to check and double-check things as simple as keys or books.

Check out the beautiful wooden coffered (I think that's the right term) ceiling, and natural hardwood floors.

James Dean was alway spouting off. See him on the left, instigating things while they're trying to roll up the carpet? In the end we had to throw him in the truck to get him to shut up. Now he's instigating in our garage.

It was tough for Jo. There were piles called "good will", "almost good will" and "probably too good for good will." And of course, far too many decisions.

Jer-Bear had never spent so much time in his grandpa's room with his grandpa's belongings before.

And after this, time to hit the road.

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