Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dear Phil...

Here's my letter to Phil:

Dear Mr. Phil Collins, I’m writing to you because you would be doing me a huge favour if you purchased some raffle tickets in a draw I’m having. My boyfriend Jer-Bear and I are trying to raise money to buy a beautiful Bayliner 300. Now, I wish I could say honestly that I was a huge fan, but I’m not really. I do have your album “No Jacket Required” and I like the song “Take Me Home,” but I haven’t listened to it in years, mostly because I don’t have a turntable any more. I mainly wrote to you because I heard you were living or had lived in British Columbia, and I am a native of that province. I hope you’ll feel a kinship with me on that count, or perhaps because I love the British version of almost every TV and movie much more than the American version (especially The Office), or because I have fond memories of watching the Dave Allen Show with my dad years ago – and maybe you share those same feelings. Here’s the standard paragraph I always tell famous people: Now, I’m sure you get a lot of crackpot letters asking for money, or sex (as mentioned in your book) or even both. How often has someone ever written you a letter asking to sell you 3 raffle tickets for $1? That’s Canadian dollars, by the way. Although we’ll also take pounds or euros, but at par. I know that means the exchange rate will be in our favour, but come on! You’re a rich rock star and we’re just a guy and a girl working full time and trying to live our dream. Anyway, if you’d like to buy some tickets, here is the address to send your money: Float Jeremy & Nala's Boat! #2444 Unit 304-7592 Vedder Road Sardis, BC, Canada, V2R 1B0 Visit our blog at too, because writing to famous people is one of my crazy ideas to get this boat, and I always talk about my crazy ideas on the blog. Oh, and if you have friends who might want a chance to win $500, feel free to share this letter with them. Although you don’t need to tell Eric Clapton, because I wrote him first. Don’t be offended by that–I read his book and enjoyed it, and since he’s a boat owner it made sense for him to be the first. Sincerely and with the highest regard, Nala

My p.s. to Phil was in two parts, as I found out some new info:

P.S. Visiting our blog will help us too - the more traffic the better! Thanks! P.P.S. I found your address ona fansite where it ALSO said "Phil Collins' boat is named 'Fil D 'Or II'. So you ARE a boat lover and can understand our mission! I feel so good about that, I'm going to buy a couple songs on i-Tunes. Don't worry - they're your songs.

I bought "Another Day in Paradise" and "Follow Me Follow You."

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I was checking out your "flicker", ya gotta git yer nautical terminology down sailor, jeeze!!! Front starboard, would be, starboard bow. Back starboard = starboard aft or starboard quarter. I do believe this information is correct. You might have to check your "Bowditch".

P.S. Good sailing. Fair winds and tides.

Nala said...

Hey, thanks for correcting me! I don't HAVE a boat, so the lingo's going to take a bit to catch on to. By the way, what is a "Bowditch"? I have a feeling I'm walking right into something...

Anonymous said...

Hi Nala,

I work at Bayliner magazine in Chicago. I'm interested in learning more about your blog, so please contact me at Hope to hear from you soon, thanks!

Nala said...

Dear Bayliner Magazine Guy - I sent you an e-mail. I would love to help you learn more about our blog... like stats, motivation, goals, etc. Hope you reply!

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