Friday, September 5, 2008

Bionic Eyes

Most people, no matter how inept they may be at most of life’s things, are really good at SOMETHING. Like Jer-Bear. Now I haven’t found anything that Jer-Bear is inept at, unlike myself, but he’s a guy that can figure things out, like how to fix things. And not just how to fix things half-assed, like the way I would fix things because I don’t really know how to fix things, I just think you can wrap it, join it or cover it with duct tape and it’s all good. But he fixes things the right way, so that if that Mike Holmes guy came over and looked at it, he’d say “Now that’s the right way to fix that.”

Some people are good at style. Like Dara has a knack for knowing how to put an outfit together. That might not sound like much, but I will never buy a clothing item now without taking her shopping with me. She’s a thousand times better than the sales people at picking the right colour, right style and right accompanying garment (because you can’t go into a dressing room without a complete outfit.) I love her to death, but most of the time as soon as she hangs up the phone she’s pretty much forgotten everything whoever was on the other end told her–unless it’s her friend Jayme. But I digress into the bottomless land that is teen world.

I’m okay at a lot of things, but the one thing I have a knack for is finding stuff with my eyes. Not finding the roll of toilet paper I JUST had in my hand two minutes ago (found in the living room) or those papers I was supposed to bring to work (left them in fridge–still can’t figure THAT one out), but little things, like once when I was little I was out riding my bike and I found a ten dollar bill laying on the ground in the gravel. And last week I found a crumpled up five dollar bill lying around in Wal-Mart. And once, when we were grouse hunting with Jer-Bear’s dad, I spotted one of the little fellers on a stump in the bush. I won’t tell you about how he took so long to shoot at it that it flew farther into the bush, and he tramped after it for about 15-20 minutes with no luck but a lot of swear words. I’ll just tell you the part how he was really impressed with my BIONIC EYESIGHT (Ok, “bionic eyesight” are my words, but I bet if someone had asked right there “How did she even SEE that?!” he would have said “I dunno – she must have bionic eyesight or SOMEthing.” I’m pretty sure that’s how it would have gone.)

So yesterday, when we were on our way to drop Jer-Bear’s kids off to their mom, we stopped by to see “our” boat. Sadly, they were closed and they had our baby locked up with the other lonely boats, not allowing anyone to coo and fawn over them and make love to them with our eyes from a shorter distance then the while wrought iron fence.

But while we were there, Jeremy found a penny. A CANADIAN penny. At the boat store. Is that not fate?! Then this morning, and I don’t know how this can get any more amazing, Jer-Bear finds a dime at the corner store.

He picks it up and gets into the truck and says “A penny yesterday, a dime today! That’s 11 cents for doing nothing!”

And I’m thinking “Hey, you can’t steal my magic power.” And now, if he finds one more thing with his eyes, I may cut him.

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