Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Intoxicating wenches!

I’m back to drinking caff coffee. For many years I didn’t drink caffeine because it was a part of my eating lifestyle plan. No caffeine, no sugar, but I did use cream. It was all about eating real and natural stuff. Don’t even bring up that I use sweetener. I’m not goddamned perfect, okay?

But part of our savings plan is to eliminate unnecessary spending. We’ve cut waaayyyy back on Starbucks–Jer-Bear never goes any more, and I only go occasionally with friends at work (decaf Americano, in case you were curious.)

So now we perk coffee at home. And for simplicity’s sake, because we both want a coffee shot in the morning, we make one pot and it’s caffeinated. And the other morning, after we’d each filled up our mugs, he says to me “I’m proud of you.” And I say “For what?” and he says “For drinking caffeinated coffee.” And I say “Thanks.” But inside I’m wondering does anyone congratulate a heroin addict when they pick up the spoon and cotton ball again?

And just so you know, right now as I re-read that last paragraph, I’m smiling in a smug way at my wit and sipping from my coffee mug as I polish off my third post in 5 minutes. Ahhhhh, Caffeine, you full-bosomed, intoxicating wench!

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