Friday, August 15, 2008

Crazy Idea #1 - Circus Freak

Before you go all Child Protective Custody on me, I'll start by saying this was just an IDEA. And a discarded one, at that. We didn't pour over the phone book, looking up amusements, carnival, circus acts, entertainment, fairgrounds... I digress.

Our crazy idea was to force-feed one of our kids til they weighed around 400 pounds and lease them to the circus. I'm a responsible enough parent that I'd DEFINITELY negotiate a favourable buyout payment. However, there were some problems.

Between Jer-Bear and I we have 5 kids–4 regular ones and 1 we don't see all that much. 2 of these kids would never be able to eat enough, 1, like I said, we don't really see, and the smallest guy, Brandon, would probably explode after the first 5 bites. So Taylor was the winner, mostly because she likes chocolate. She's petite, but I think she'd be up to the challenge. The down side is I've gotten attached to her and like being able to see her whenever I want, without having to pay $10 to get into the carnival.

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