Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome to our dream

See that guy in the banner? That's Jer-Bear, my boyfriend. Isn't he hot? He's sitting inside the engine hatch of a Bayliner 300. That's the expression he makes when he's TOTALLY LOVING something. In this case, dual V6s. :)

Yup, a Bayliner 300 is our dream. I'm going use this blog to tell you why that's our dream, although it will only be my opinion because I haven't presented any of these ideas to Jer-Bear yet. He doesn't even know I've put up this blog.

We've been together for over two years, and my sense is that he's at a crossroads in his life. He took me to see this boat two weeks ago. I fell in love with it and that's when we started down this strange and exciting path.

I hope you'll follow along with us on our journey to a (seemingly) impossible dream!

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