Monday, August 18, 2008

The catalyst

I think Jer-Bear's passion for this boat has roots in his youth. He went boating an awful lot with his grandpa Ed. I got to meet grandpa Ed for the first time Christmas of 2007. Up til then, I'd only seen him on Jer-Bear's screensaver - both of them laughing and flipping off the photographer! I love that photo.

Shortly after the holidays, grandpa Ed became very sick. Cancer, among other health issues. Jer-Bear took this very hard. He'd told me, in his own way over a few different conversations, that his grandpa Ed was one of the most important and influential people in his life. Many of Jer-Bear's grandpa Ed stories involved boating and fishing. They did that a lot together.

Grandpa Ed finally passed almost three weeks ago. Two weeks ago, heading back from the funeral in Oregon, we stopped at a boat center and had a look around. The Bayliner 300 hooked us from the second we stepped onto her. It has been the catalyst for Jer-Bear's new look on life.

Everyone should have a catalyst that moves them onto a better path (if they need it). Don't you think?

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