Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Going to the top

Last week I tracked down Bayliner's parent company. They are called Brunswick Corporation. Which is fate, because in my day job we once worked with a New Brunswick, Canada company, so there's a link!

Anyway, I wrote to both of them–corporate AND the boating division–expressing our passion for the Bayliner 300 and directing them to this blog. Why shouldn't they advertise on a site that is THIS PASSIONATE about their product, right?

And then I realized I wasn't sure I remembered to put our return address on anything but the outer envelope. Sigh.

So I found their PR dude online and e-mailed him. This was on Saturday. So far no e-mail beating down my gmail account.

No worries, though. Have you ever seen The Shawshank Redemption? I will turn this into a full blown letter writing campaign, wherein I finally break down their emotional and psychological barriers and get them to beg US to advertise on this blog.

However, I need lots of people to read this, so if you are reading now and love boating, send a link to this blog to your friends. It would be great to raise funds by NOT having to:

1) Sell our home, vehicles and other belongings
2) Sell our children
3) Steal - unless you've got a great idea on how NOT to get caught

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