Thursday, August 21, 2008

Early Boating Memories: Jer-Bear Guest Post

"I was 3 or 4 when i drove a boat for the first time. It was my dad's boat, The Norsky. He was fishing at Point No Point after work and decided to take me with. The one thing I remember is him taking the wheel and saying "Watch out for the rocks" Oops, sorry Pa!!

As I got older, I started going after much bigger boats. Grandpa Ed had an old Tollycraft. I think it was about 25 or 28ft. It was a beautiful boat and Grandpa Ed and Grandpa Al both took care of it very well. Every time we would go to Astoria to visit, we could always count on a Sturgeon trip! Sometimes the fishing was slow and it was easier to catch bait in the bait bucket! One slow day when I was 8, Grandpa Al taught me to tie my first knot, a Bowline. I have never forgotten that day nor the knot.

The older I got, the more I was taught. My favorite lessons were the driving lessons. There is nothing like driving a boat. The sound and sight of water spraying out from the sides of the boat. Not to mention the look and sound of the water at the stern while you are cruising. Indescribable.

Then Grandpa Ed got the Top Gun! Now there was a boat! Another Tolly, but this time 36' with twin 502 cubic inch, fuel injected engines. Lots and lots of good times and unforgettable memories on the Top Gun. Fishing with both Grandfathers and my Pa, all in the same trip. The perfect guys fishing trip. Learning to pilot the boat into the boathouse. What a tight squeeze, but I did it twice and without damage! And who can forget the annual prepping of the Top Gun for the Regatta and winning first place? Truly memories that will never be forgotten.

Grandpa Al, Grandpa Ed, may you rest in peace. And Pa, many more good times to come!"

by Jer-Bear


BosnBill said...

Great story Jer-Bear, I can relate. I'll leave you with this little recollection of my own. Seems we have the same passion for boating!

Just go to my blog and do a search for "Early Boating Memories" You'll see what I'm talking about:


Anonymous said...

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