Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fantasies of Kathie Lee Gifford

There's an excellent blog called Dooce written by Heather B. Armstrong. I'll link to it at the END of this article, because she's a great writer and if I were you, I'd go over there the first link I get and maybe never make it back here.

Anyway, Heather B. Armstrong is pretty famous in the blogging world. As part and parcel of that fame, she gets invited onto talk shows to talk about how she blogs for a living. About a month or two ago, she was interviewed on whatever show Kathie Lee Gifford is on in the morning.

You can probably tell I'm not a big Kathie Lee fan otherwise I'd know her show's name. Personally, I think she's kind of fake, uptight and NOT a singer that holds any appeal to me (she does sing, right?) Anyway, KL was interviewing Heather B. Armstrong about blogging, and in the interview KL admits she's afraid of computers and rarely or never uses one. Quelle lame!

So in my fantasy, this blog makes the Jer-Bear and I famous. And somehow, through what will have to be a weird series of coincidences and unrelated conversations, our future publicist gets us on KL's lame-ass show. And in the interview - which she's yet again totally unprepared for, thereby completely losing it when she finds out the purpose of our blog is to tell the story of how we're raising money for our luxury Bayliner 300 - she tries to drill into our psyche and guilt us about starving kids, the homeless, world poverty and countries that can't make it to the Olympics and challenges us by saying "WHY are you NOT donating to a more worthy cause?!?"....

And I tell her to get stuffed.

Read some of Heather's blog posts and then watch this.

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